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Building a Menu Bar Desktop Application with NativePHP package in Laravel

NativePHP  package recently introduced and in Laravel it allows us to design and develop cross platform desktop applications. It has inherited from Electron project. In this blog post I'll show how to come-up with a desktop application using Laravel with Blade templates. Create a new Laravel Project using composer composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel-native-php Installing NativePHP package composer require nativephp/electron Run php artisan command in the terminal to check what are the next NativePHP related commands to be executed. We can see that there is a command to be executed call native:install which will install NativePHP by creating a separate AppServiceProvider for it. As you can see once executed php artisan native:install command, you'll see it prompts for choosing options for two questions. We just need to select yes for installing the NativePHP NPM dependencies, and select no for starting the NativePHP development server. After this point everything